Apple releases newest Ipod Nano

Apple today announced the release of the newest member of the [tag]Ipod[/tag] family. Named “[tag]Nano[/tag]”, the newest Ipod forgoes the hard drive of previous Ipod’s and uses a flash drive. The [tag]flash drive[/tag] allows for a much smaller, hence Nano, Ipod than ever before. [tag]Steve Jobs[/tag] lauded Nano as thinner than a #2 pencil, and still capable of carrying 1000 songs. Quite the accomplishment. Congratulations [tag]Apple[/tag]. I now can have a $150-$250 gadget thats smaller and easier to use.

Was it really necessary for the Ipod to get smaller? Wasn’t the shuffle small enough?

Of course, it’s an Ipod, so it will sell like ice in the desert. Steve Jobs will get richer. And those damn white earphones will perpetuate themselves further.

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2 Responses to Apple releases newest Ipod Nano

  1. Jake says:

    Hopefully I will be allowed to buy one lol. I like the small form factor though… make it much easier to take around than the traditional ipod. Usibility will be something to test out for each person though.

  2. Irrision says:

    Did anyone read the article about how most people only carry 350 songs on their ipods anyways?

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