New $10 unveiled

Ok, so the new $10 bill being unveiled isn’t necessarily geeky, but the think looks pretty darn cool. And the “geeky” technology that goes into revamping one of these things is enough for a quick mention here.

Take a look at pictures and a story on cnn.

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2 Responses to New $10 unveiled

  1. Irrision says:

    I didn’t think it was legal to post pictures of the dollar bill in it’s normal size range. The pics CNN has look to be nearly a perfect size for a would-be counterfeiter to print up. Go figure…

  2. Thatedeguy says:

    It is true that they cannot post pics of the same size that are unaltered. If you look closely, however, you’ll notices that they have watermarked copy marks on the bill that, while removable, would leave a fairly un-authentic looking bill.

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