Monthly Archives: September 2005

Apple’s next move?

Let me preface this with the following statement: The following post is purely speculation and should not be taken as a leak or any other form of actual known actions by Apple Computers. It is merely the musings of a SuperGeek… Given: Apple has a fair following, both of its Computer lines and most recently… Read More »

Keystroke logging by ear

Scientists at [tag]UC Berkeley[/tag] have finished a study on using a [tag]parabolic[/tag] microphone to record the audible version of your keystrokes and based on the sound of the “clicks”, decipher what it is that your typing with stunning accuracy. “Using statistical learning theory, the computer can categorize the sounds of each key as it’s struck… Read More »

Opera Browser Goes Ad-Free

Opera Announced yesterday that they would begin offering their free version Browser without the paid ads that had previously muddled it’s interface. With both Internet Explorer and Firefox being free and Ad free(Unless you count adware in IE) this becomes a smart move. Opera already has a small portion of the browser market, and without… Read More »