1 MILE Wireless Network Kit

Straight off of digg, but this looked like a very good deal.

“This 1 MILE Wireless Network Kit is a simple, affordable way to improve the performance of any network, have your own hotspot and make money. You can’t go wrong for only $49.99.”

I also found a link to a review of the product buried in the comments. The long and short of the review is that the product meets specifications. Now in a city like Fargo, where no one locks their access points, I would be really interested in seeing just how many AP’s I could pick up from here.

Compgeeks always has provided me with good quality equipment, so I personally wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again.

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2 Responses to 1 MILE Wireless Network Kit

  1. Irrision says:

    Hehe yeah that’s cool stuff. They’re having some wicked sales today and tomorrow (The 27th in celebration of daylight savings coming up). From what I understand the ParkerVision technology works well but is propriatory as hell so it will only work with parkervision APs/Routers. Now if you want powerful Wifi cards pick up a Senao card. They’re 200milliwatt cards (a fifth of a watt) where most cards are lucky to 50mw. I’m going to utilize one in my Soekris-based router project.

  2. Irrision says:

    Hrmm so nix that apparently parkervision works with standard equipment. I was thinking of Mimo routers which have similar claims for 4 times the price.

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