Monthly Archives: October 2005

1 MILE Wireless Network Kit

Straight off of digg, but this looked like a very good deal. “This 1 MILE Wireless Network Kit is a simple, affordable way to improve the performance of any network, have your own hotspot and make money. You can’t go wrong for only $49.99.” I also found a link to a review of the product… Read More »

Google Base confirmed

It would seem that that sneak peek at Google Base that some of us got was the real thing. It also seems that all of us that were speculating that it could be some sort of Google Craigslist are possibly right. There seems to be some speculation about Base’s use with the unnamed and unreleased… Read More »

Computer Tech Network

Much like any other network,‘s network is comprised of people from all over everywhere. Basically, a tech signs up as a tech on the site and people in need of a tech use the site to find the techs. The people can choose from the nearest techs and also choose the ones with the… Read More »

Big announcment eh?

ThatEdeGuy just listed this interesting post on his site. What could be so important about Turkey Day? I suggest full fledged amusing speculation on this issue folks. In the spirit of google-fan boys on digg. So – what could it be? I will put forth todays suggestion of some sort of condition. Quite possibly mental… Read More »

Just kinda here…

Kind of a slow day at work… so looking at the news sites around. Haven’t found too many things exciting – though the one thing I did find to post on SGB, was posted by one of my partners for the site. Which the other one posted the stuff I found last night! Eh oh… Read More »

Google to launch Google Base

Google is getting set to launch a new service called “[tag]Google Base[/tag]” sometime this week. Philipp Lenssen had this in his post: Post your items on Google. Google Base is Google’s database into which you can add all types of content. We’ll host your content and make it searchable online for free. Examples of items… Read More »