Symphony OS… Linux without Gnome or KDE

So this is pretty cool. The beta 1 ISO is available for Symphony OS a Debian/Knoppix-based Linux distro with a brand new window manager. They did away with KDE and Gnome in favor of starting from scratch so that they could design it from the bottom up to be more user friendly.
Symphony OS | Unity. Beauty. Simplicity.

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3 Responses to Symphony OS… Linux without Gnome or KDE

  1. Jake says:

    There – right login for this comment. Anyone try this version yet? I have heard good things spoken in the third person, but nothing direct.

  2. Jake says:

    Oh and I am still itching to test out Fedora Core 4. Just like that old redhat feel.

  3. Irrision says:

    I’ve got the ISO now so if you happen to want a copy I can facilitate for that if you’re ever in town again 😛

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