Monthly Archives: November 2005

HP, the prefered server of pirates…

It’s sad when has more and better servers than (As of their last server upgrade). It’s rather apparent that the black market in software and media is still booming. Does anyone else wonder who hosts their setup? Apparently intellectual property rights enforcement is pretty lax in Sweden anyways. Oh and checkout that Anandtech… Read More »

Age of Empires III Full Review

We here at SuperGeekBlog believe in doing due diligence in our reviews. So, in following that belief, we have spent many hours huddled over our keyboards “testing” AOE3. Here’s what we came up with. Install: Install of AOE3 went pretty smoothly. The one downside here is that if your PC isn’t at least twice the… Read More »

Hope for SGB?

I remember seeing this a while back, it of course has been around since it was taken in ’78, but I do think this picture should give us here at SGB some hope. If this crew could make it… well yea.

Wireless 802.11g phone from Linksys

Not released for public consumption yet, but in FCC testing, the WIP300 is a 802.11g wireless phone that would allow IP telephony anywhere a 802.11g wireless connection could be had. This is potentially groundbreaking. Imagine the loss to Cell phone companies when people begin making calls from wireless hotspots at their local airport, McDonalds, Starbucks,… Read More »

Stainless Steel Mini Hard Drives

Neat, but incorrect article: November 9, 2005 “One swallow does not a summer make” according to Aristotle, but we’re a little bolder than the ancient Greek philosopher and we know a trend when we see one even if it’s in its absolute infancy. Check out the latest Monstor Drives from US Modular – portable storage… Read More »

AMD surpasses Intel in Retail Chip Sales

In the month of October, AMD sold more PC processors than Intel in Retail stores. AMD chips accounted for 49.8 percent of PCs sold in domestic stores for the month, compared with Intel’s 48.5 percent of the market Obviously, The secondary market for chips is truly run by SuperGeeks. I say secondary market because these… Read More »

Help those Friends/Relatives with their computer from 1000 miles away

This is a great application. It enables you to setup an extremely simple system for people to allow you to remotely connect to their computer. This is a great deal for people who commonly have relatives/friends calling with computer problems and asking for help over the phone. I don’t know about you but it’s really… Read More »

New laser may stop computer hackers

“A THEORY first proposed by Albert Einstein 70 years ago has provided the basis for a new electronic “key” that could spell the demise of computer hackers. Physicists at the Australian National University (ANU) have successfully used bright lasers to prevent transmitted data from being hacked. Their breakthrough was based on work done by Einstein… Read More »