Monthly Archives: December 2005

Fun weekend – good friends.

Well it was actually a pretty fun weekend. One of the few I have spent the whole weekend here in Fargo. The whole crew from college came to town Friday night. Last time the whole group had been together since Mike and Megan’s wedding about 6 months ago… and before that… it had been a… Read More »

LG Releases Water-proof Cell Phone

LG announced the release of the worlds first Water-Proof phone Thursday in Korea. If dropped in a pool, tub or sink, this phone will survive in roughly thirty minutes since we sealed its tiny crevices with rubber packing,’’ LG Telecom spokesman Kang Shin-koo said. Compared to the .00030 seconds for the cell phones we are… Read More »

Microsoft, MTV get the URGE

Software giant Microsoft and Music Mogul MTV have teamed up to create the URGE music service. A combination of subscription based “stations” and pay-per-download songs, URGE should immediately have the clout to compete with the likes of Real Player and iTunes. While it may take awhile, URGE should compete quite well with iTunes. And speaking… Read More »

Vonage Releasing Wi-Fi Phone

Vonage is set to announce the release of it’s F1000 Wi-Fi handset. This will give the ability of users with the F1000 to use their Vonage service anywhere they can connect to a Wi-Fi Hotspot. The one downside is that it will be unusable at any hotspot that is a paid hotspot. If you live… Read More »

Is Yahoo! the new Google?

There has been much talk lately about the far reaching arms of Google. While we have all been focused on Google, an online old-timer is sneaking up on us. Yahoo! is coming everyone. With it’s recent purchases of sites and services like DialPad, Flickr, WhereonEarth, and Pair that with it’s recent deals with companies… Read More »

Busy Day

So we here at SGB were busy with a few things. and were down due to parts of the downtown being on fire. Irrision’s recording of the events (aftermath photos.) Comments on Last: ThatEdeGuy’s post on the issue. Thanks – and we will have more geek news soon!

The Great Jamestown Fire of 2005

**Updated** So experianced some down time this morning. This is because the block next to the host – was up in flames, power was out, and Brady’s server (where he hosts this website on his dsl) was under his arm and running for the door.” My friend ThatEdeGuy found these links, I copied and… Read More »