AIM mail? What the…

So Trillian logs in this morning, just like every other morning to Yahoo, MSN, and AIM IM networks. Only one difference this morning: An info box pops up saying I have an email in my inbox for AIM.

What the heck – I don’t have AIM/AOL email! I have had the same AIM login for the last 7-8 years. (I really don’t even know how long I have had it.) It is a AIM address not an email address. It never has been.)

However, AIM seems to have silently upgraded all users to a free email address. This is complete with 2GB of storage, a pretty nice looking webclient, and an interesting sounding “unsend” option to other AOL or AIM addresses. (I am guessing too many AOL users drunkenly sent emails and then called tech support looking for the Unsend option.

I have no confirmation yet if this really did happen to all uses, but I know I never signed up for it. I already have enough 2GB free email accounts. Between Live Mail and Gmail – AIM mail is just over-kill for me. Yet, I know that there are a bunch of people out there who will enjoy this new feature.

So… if you still have an AIM address out there – try logging in and seeing if your account has had this addition.

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2 Responses to AIM mail? What the…

  1. shane solo says:

    yeah, it happened to me a few days ago. but you have an address…and yet you still have to “sign up” in a sense. it’s a marketing ploy.

    “whoa…i have to sign up. there’s an email in there for me and i must have at it!”


  2. aaron says:

    this has happened to everyone that i’ve talked to that uses aim. I noticed the info box pop up a few days ago and immediately disabled it. it popped up again when i logged in to my other computer yesterday. i wonder if there’s a way to cancel the email account.

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