Monthly Archives: January 2006

Ebay may make money on Skype yet

Ebay reported it earnings for 2005 yesterday. The total revenues for Skype, who they have only owned for about 78 days, was nearly $25 million. Om Malik crunched the numbers and got to: At $24.8 million over seventy eight days, it works out to about $116 million, a shade ahead of $100 million annual run-rate… Read More »

Family History

Maybe it is just because I graduated with a History Major…  (Well it was combined with a Political Science major… but we History majors knew what we were) but I am finding my Dad’s genealogy study very fascinating.  He had finally put up a website on it.  This is great for me, since I have… Read More »

Wedding Fair

Well the weekend went pretty well I think. Friday was Irrision’s going away party in Jamestown – so that ended up being a bit of drinking… but hey it was a good time. Sat – took a while (but hey that happens), but we got Irrision and his gal all packed up and ready to… Read More »

The weekend trip…

Well folks – it is quite possible that i will be blogging more than usual this weekend. It will be bit of a different weekend than usual. Usually Jennie and I take off together for Jamestown and spend the weekend at ThatEdeGuys pad. This weekend Ede’s wife and another female friend are coming to our… Read More »

AIM mail? What the…

So Trillian logs in this morning, just like every other morning to Yahoo, MSN, and AIM IM networks. Only one difference this morning: An info box pops up saying I have an email in my inbox for AIM. What the heck – I don’t have AIM/AOL email! I have had the same AIM login for… Read More »

Jennie joins the geeks!

Well my hat’s off to ThatEdeGuy for posting on this first. My fiancee Jennie has joined us in blogging. She is planning on writing about life, wedding stuff, and other things like that. Check her blog out folks! Here is the orig post from Ede – once again hun… we welcome you to the ranks… Read More »

Apple Stock closes at Ironic $80.86

On the same day that Apple announced it’s new Intel based line of computers Apple’s stock closed at a price that many of the SuperGeek faction may recognize. After active trading and no “fixing” by stock market officials, the share price stood at $80.86 at close. The Intel x86 revolution in chip making all began… Read More »

Western Digital Peekaboo Hard Drive

Western Digital is releasing what would appear to be the first of its kind. The Raptor X is a 10000 RPM SATA hard drive with See-Through top. Yep. See-Through. Expected to start shipping soon, it comes in only one flavor (150 GB) and will have a rather hefty price tag of $349. It’s a bit… Read More »

Confusion – Poem

Past coming alive, Future becoming clouded, Memories draining, Thoughts provoking, Mind restraining, Heart lost, Lost in the midst, Midst of old, Midst of new, Forgetting past, In favor of future, Hoping for the continuation, Continuation of Hope, Better days, They are here, Keeping them going, The only possible plan. ~ 9/30/01 by Jakob Barnard ~… Read More »