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Well ThatEdeGuy started this… but here is what Superhero I am. I do however protest the results. This quiz is clearly biased due to the fact He-Man is not included. Your results: You are Green Lantern Green Lantern 75% Superman 75% Spider-Man 70% The Flash 65% Hulk 55% Robin 54% Iron Man 50% Batman 50%… Read More »

Vonage joins the big boys

Vonage filed with the SEC for a Initial Public Offering today.  Estimated at $250 million. Mark Evans has some interesting comments on it all.  I agree with him.  It is about time. While I think it was smart of them to wait as long as they did, which by the way is why I don’t… Read More »

IBM Unveils 4-5 Ghz Processors

IBM unveiled the newest line of PowerPC processors today.  The PowerPC6. Bucking a trend in the chip industry, IBM Corp. said Tuesday its upcoming Power6 microprocessor for servers will run at unprecedented speeds while keeping a lid on power requirements and heat. The chips are expected to run in the 4-5 Ghz range.  The multi-core… Read More »

Case of the Mondays? Not really

All in all – it hasn’t been too bad of a day for a Monday. I was away from the computer for most of the weekend. So it was fun catching up with friends either via IM or email. The weekend went pretty well I would say. Jennie and I got the errands done that… Read More »

Diablo III in production

Gaming Steve has it from some friends deep within the Blizzard coding ranks that not only is Blizzard working on Diablo III, but they have been for 4 years. Not only are they working on it, but they have been working on this game for no less than the past four years. I cannot begin… Read More »

Another weekend post

Well here is another weekend post. I had hoped to be blogging more this week, but a couple of things came up. For starters—work was extremely busy this week, something new for me. Second, I didn’t have anything I felt like blogging about so far this week. The work stuff – don’t want to blog… Read More »

Think twice before you sell that hard drive

John Stith at Security pro news says that many online buyers are looking for a lot more than GB’s when buying hard drives online. A researcher suggested on Monday that people search for hard drives with lots of interesting information on hard drives for sale at the online auction house. This includes personal information like… Read More »