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Dell and Alienware sitting in a tree

M.E.R.G.I.N.G… Rahul Sood of VoodooPC started the rumors early this month with this post on his blog and it kind of died down shortly thereafter. Appearantly, a claiming your competitor is about to be bought doesn’t hold much wait in the PC business. Well, it’s all heating back up now. CNET announced an unconfirmed, but… Read More »

Origami in a Sling!

Sling Media, makers of the ever popular SlingPlayer software announced the addition of software for the UMPC market yesterday. “The Ultra-Mobile PC represents an exciting new category of mobile devices and we are thrilled to be working with Microsoft to support this new product line,” said Blake Krikorian, co-founder and CEO of Sling Media, Inc.… Read More »

Ahhh Nap Wednesday

Well the downside is I have to cover the Sat shift (10am-2pm), but it did mean I didn’t have to come in till 1pm today.  Heh, so it was a rather nice and lazy day.   I did a little work around the house, but mostly got to catch up on some sleep. So – what… Read More »

BookPool Discount Computer Books

A big SuperGeek thanks to AtariBoy for pointing this out. While the prices seem similar to Amazon, there is selection galore for computer books.  Even 8 different subcategories for A.I.!  Check out Bookpool here.  They’ve even got a sale on 46% off Microsoft press books right now. [tags]bookpool, atariboy, amazon, computer books, tech books[/tags]

New movie Tues

I have been wondering – why is it movies come out for rent on Tuesday? Why not a Thursday or a Friday night, which usually people rent more movies on? Do they think that then the rush will be less so there is a greater chance that everyone will get to see the movie they… Read More »

Mr.Gadget 1GB USB 2.0 Executive Watch

Well they came up with something pretty cool down under. “It’s here! The Mr.Gadget 1GB USB 2.0 Executive Watch exudes both style and substance. With this on your wrist, you’ll have access to your valuable data wherever and whenever (a USB port needs to be handy). Look out James Bond!” Features of the Mr.Gadget 1GB… Read More »

Hi Jess!

Well besides the fact that I really have been a slacker lately about blogging, Jess reminded me a couple of days ago that I do at least have some people who read my site. Readers come back for fresh content… so in essence, by not having fresh content, I am telling those people not to… Read More »

Thanks to Todd at Geek News Central for pointing this one out. Visit and tell me you don’t laugh when it loads… [tags]IE7, microsoft[/tags]

Ether launches tonight

TechCrunch announced the launch of “Super-Stealth” tonight. A service that allows the private consultant in us all to have a mode for charging for our phone time. Sounds like a pretty cool idea. As Ben points out in techcrunches comments, it’s been tried before with and oddly enough, some of the elements of… Read More »