Monthly Archives: May 2006

Liebermann Olympus 20? Widescreen Notebook

Sporting a 1920 X 1200 resolution 20″ widescreen, the Lieberman Olympus notebook is one monster of a laptop.  The rest of the specs are nothing to cough at either. 20.1″ widescreen – 1920×1200 resolution OLED Single or Dual Core desktop processor up to 4.50GHz PCI-Express architecture 4GB DDR SDRAM Built-in 3 megapixel camera 1066 MHz… Read More »

Yahoo buys Technorati?

ZDNet is showing some rather interesting phenomena that may point to Yahoo having bought Technorati.  Appearantly, while surfing through technorati, the user hit the back button only to get a Yahoo 404 message while still on the technorati domain.  Interesting.  Could point to the technorati pages being migrated over to the Yahoo servers. Of course,… Read More »

Wedding planning going well

Well the wedding planning is currently in full swing, and Jennie and I have been enjoying getting down to it. This weekend a few of the guys and myself will be road tripping to Fargo to go Tux shopping. (That will be not only fun, but one thing off of my list!) Also Jennie and… Read More »

ND Citizen

Well it is official – I am now a North Dakota resident.  I finally went and got my drivers license changed over from a Minnesota one.  Since I am not a college student anymore, I probably should have done it a few months ago – but oh well.  A nice difference was that they print… Read More »