A PC in every room

Engadget is reporting an actual proof of concept for the JackPC.

Quite the little doo-dad.  It’s capable of being powered by power-over-ethernet which might just work out well since it only has 64 MB of flash memory and 128MB of RAM to work with.  Still, it runs Windows CE, Citrix ICA, Windows RDP and even comes with Internet Exploder Explorer 6 pre-installed and ready to run.  And did I mention that it runs a 500Mhz AMD RISC processor?

There’s more power in this little wall jack PC than there was in most computers 7 years ago!  The ChipPC JackPC should be available middle of June and the price estimate is at $392.

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One Response to A PC in every room

  1. Brady says:

    Cool as hell. Thats all I’ve got to say. I’d love for them to get the cost into the $200ish range as I’d throw one in those places where I just don’t need/want a full computer (IE: My bedroom). Now they just need to add media connect features so you can use them as a PVR client.

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