This install of Windows will self destruct in 30 days

Ed Bott at ZDNet is reporting that Microsoft will soon make installation of WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) mandatory. Not only will it become a mandatory install, if WGA isn’t installed within 30 days, the install of Windows will cease to operate.

If WGA becomes mandatory, would it mean that Microsoft could prevent Windows from working if it determines  possibly erroneously that your copy isn’t “genuine”? That’s a chilling possibility, and Microsoft refuses an easy opportunity to deny that that option is in its plans.

Chilling indeed. Maybe it’s not such a bad time for Bill Gates to retire. If MS truly decides to make a “kill switch” out of WGA, it could be the boost for Apple X and Linux that they’ve both been waiting for. I’ve already had a few problems with WGA on my home PC and have seriously considered making the full time switch. Not because I want to, but WGA is annoying at best. I don’t like that it “phones home” either.

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