Monthly Archives: July 2006

Will the real Super Mario 2 please stand up?

I grew up on Super Mario Brothers.  I can’t begin to count the hours I’ve lost in the game series depths.  When asked what my favorite of the series is, I invariably answer “Super Mario Bros. 2”. I never knew.  I never knew that what I thought was my favorite Super Mario Brothers game wasn’t… Read More »

The Weekend Update

Well hope everyone is having a good weekend!  I was out of town for a couple of days on a business trip.  It went very well – I will have more news about that on Monday. The Stutsman County Fair is this week as well.  Jennie and I went up for a little bit last… Read More »

Wow busy week

Wow it has been a busy week. It has kept me from making the progress I would have liked to on the site. (Though I was able to get some behind-the-scenes work done.) I added a meta-tags plugin to the site, so I now actually have proper meta data in the site. I also did… Read More »

Barnard Wedding Plans progressing

I am also trying to keep the family website updated with wedding stuff as well, so the wedding post today is over on that site. Head on over! [tags]Jake Barnard, Olorinpc, Jamestown, North Dakota[/tags]

Still behind…

Bleh – the past couple of days I have still been behind schedule.  I am trying to take care of things outside of the blog as well, so unfortunatly the Publication Schedule has not been followed as strictly as I hoped.  However sometime between now and Sunday evening I plan on fully catching up with… Read More »

The Weekend Catchup

Well – trying to catchup from the weekend.  It was a nice long break here though.  I had Monday and Tuesday off, so I was able to work on some projects at home that I had been putting off. Sunday – well we started some fireworks… and man was it fun!  We had fun on… Read More »