Monthly Archives: June 2008

Weekend suddenly free

Well the weekend suddenly freed up. The girls were going to have a garage sale this weekend, and decided to bump it back till after Jennie and I move. (By girls I mean Ede’s and my wife.) Actually a pretty good idea. First reason being we will have a little more time to gather stuff… Read More »

Long days…

Well, it isn’t exactly tech, but the post idea came from Wil Wheaton’s post on lolcat’s reminded me of my personal fav. For those fellow cube workers out there… LOLCATS.COM – Unnamed Kitty WWdN is another blog I highly recommend checking out and reading. Wil has truly turned into an awesome geek on the web.… Read More »

A bit early, but good article

How to Winterize Your Home: Outdoor Maintenance | Now it is a bit early for me to worry about it, so I am not. However this happened to come across the newsfeed today, so I read it anyways. I have been getting a little better at this since we have rented a house for… Read More »

SGB – RSS Aggregation on-hold

A quick note – I have looked more closely on my RSS Aggregation experiment, and for some reason on this site it turned out to be a total failure.  I discovered that instead of headlines and a little post, it was pulling entire articles – which was most certainly not the intent.  The sites I… Read More »

Limited accomplishment

Well I managed limited accomplishments this weekend.  I had planned on getting the whole upstairs finished, but that didn’t exactly happen.  A few distractions prevented that.  I did however get some time to work on setting up my new blog. It is going to run parallel to Axapta Source and eventually totally replace that.  I… Read More »