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ScribeFire – 24hrs up

This post is a follow-up to the initial post I did right after installing the Firefox plugin called ScribeFire. I must say – I love this firefox plugin. ScribeFire has really helped me breath new life into my blogs. I … Continue reading

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Long days…

Well, it isn’t exactly tech, but the post idea came from Wil Wheaton’s post on lolcat’s reminded me of my personal fav. For those fellow cube workers out there… LOLCATS.COM – Unnamed Kitty WWdN is another blog I highly recommend … Continue reading

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WiFi on planes???

American Airlines’ WiFi debuts tomorrow; Glenn Fleishman’s analysis – Boing Boing Read the article, its starting tomorrow. It is a pretty good article and I would encourage everyone to go and read it. I am still thinking personally I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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ScribeFire – First Impressions

I love blogging… I am sometimes random and lazy at it, but I really do love it. (If I spent less time reading other blogs and more working on the various blogs I run I might get more done.) Anywho … Continue reading

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SGB – RSS Aggregation on-hold

A quick note – I have looked more closely on my RSS Aggregation experiment, and for some reason on this site it turned out to be a total failure.  I discovered that instead of headlines and a little post, it … Continue reading

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SGB – What is planned?

What is planned? That is an interesting question. For a while there, this site kind of went stagnant… between other blogs, real life, etc… it just went by the wayside. Well one of the changes I am testing out (after … Continue reading

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