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The Queen’s Gambit Review

The Queen’s Gambit by Deborah Chester Jakob’s Goodreads Rating: (3) of 5 Stars – “Liked It” Recommended for: Fantasy Readers of the Sword and Sorcery variety Book description: The throne was her destiny-until Princess Pheresa lost her groom, Mandria’s heir, to the dark magic. Now her fate is uncertain. Her enemies are strong. And her… Read More »

The Silver Ship and the Sea Review

The Silver Ship and the Sea by Brenda Cooper Jakob’s Goodreads Rating: (2) of 5 Stars – “It was ok” Recommended for: Scifi Readers Book description: The colony planet Fremont is joyous, riotous, and very wild. Its grasses can cut your arms and legs to ribbons, the rinds of its precious fruit can skewer your… Read More »

Why I like Goodreads

You may have noticed the “G” logo on my social homes menu to the right.  That is the logo for Goodreads.  Some might be familiar with it, others might not be.  Goodreads is a site that is a social network, but specifically for books.  It can be used to track what you have read, what… Read More »

Childe Morgan Review

Childe Morgan Review by Katherine Kurtz Jakob’s Goodreads Rating: (3) of 5 Stars – “Liked It” Recommended for: Fantasy Readers Book description: Alaric Morgan has been pledged to the king’s service. His Deryni blood makes him ideal to safeguard the Haldane kings and ensure that Prince Brion shall have the protection of his hereditary magic.… Read More »

Three Cups of Tea Review

Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace One School at a Time By: Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin Paige’s Rating: (3) of 5 Stars Recommended for: Educators, Non-fiction Readers Book Description: In 1993 a mountaineer named Greg Mortenson drifted into an impoverished Pakistan village in the Karakoram mountains after a failed… Read More »

Reviewing the ad policy

As you may or may not be aware, this site has an advertising policy.  When I launched the site in December of 2009 I came up with the policy.  I wanted to be clear for readers what I was trying to do with the site and why I felt intrusive advertising took away from it.… Read More »