This site has certainly changed over the years. Many blogs do.

When I launched SGB in September of 2005, I had 2 other authors and myself all doing posts to here, and we did fairly well on developing content, linking to other major blogs, and building a site. Over time we got distracted by other projects and that sort of thing and as a result SGB kind of went by the wayside.

Shortly after porting the blog from old, damaged code and host, I decided it was time to revisit the project and work on rebuilding this site and its content. I am building off of the old posts and keeping in the tech realm. I expect to see a few format changes, template redesign, and other such things before I am happy with the new “Supergeekblog” site. That is what renewal is about, so it should be an exciting process.

I would like to thank you for taking a look at this website – if you need to contact me, please use the contact form included on this website.

SuperGeekBlog is written, designed, coded, etc by myself (Jake Barnard) in my spare time. This blog has existed in one form or another since September, 2005.  For more information about me, please check out my online resume at JakobBarnard.com.

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