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Liebermann Olympus 20? Widescreen Notebook

Sporting a 1920 X 1200 resolution 20″ widescreen, the Lieberman Olympus notebook is one monster of a laptop.  The rest of the specs are nothing to cough at either. 20.1″ widescreen – 1920×1200 resolution OLED Single or Dual Core desktop processor up to 4.50GHz PCI-Express architecture 4GB DDR SDRAM Built-in 3 megapixel camera 1066 MHz… Read More »

Western Digital Peekaboo Hard Drive

Western Digital is releasing what would appear to be the first of its kind. The Raptor X is a 10000 RPM SATA hard drive with See-Through top. Yep. See-Through. Expected to start shipping soon, it comes in only one flavor (150 GB) and will have a rather hefty price tag of $349. It’s a bit… Read More »

Apple Console Rebuttal

A reader has commented on our speculation about “Apple’s Next Move” as possibly producing a console system. I found this an intriquing line of discussion and thought I’d bring it up again with my comments and responses to the readers comment. See the original article here. 1. Christian Koster says: Look, Apple is not entering… Read More »