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USB Thumb Drive – Sandisc Cruzr Micro 512mb

I just picked up a SD Cruzr Micro 512Mb thumbdrive today. Got a good deal on it at Radioshack. They have them for $29.99 in-store after instant $10 rebate that isn’t always advertised on the tag. They’re definately handy as hell, the first thing I did was copy Portable Firefox to it (Jeez what else… Read More »

HP, the prefered server of pirates…

It’s sad when has more and better servers than (As of their last server upgrade). It’s rather apparent that the black market in software and media is still booming. Does anyone else wonder who hosts their setup? Apparently intellectual property rights enforcement is pretty lax in Sweden anyways. Oh and checkout that Anandtech… Read More »

1 MILE Wireless Network Kit

Straight off of digg, but this looked like a very good deal. “This 1 MILE Wireless Network Kit is a simple, affordable way to improve the performance of any network, have your own hotspot and make money. You can’t go wrong for only $49.99.” I also found a link to a review of the product… Read More »