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AIM mail? What the…

So Trillian logs in this morning, just like every other morning to Yahoo, MSN, and AIM IM networks. Only one difference this morning: An info box pops up saying I have an email in my inbox for AIM. What the heck – I don’t have AIM/AOL email! I have had the same AIM login for… Read More »

Hamachi VPN

We at SuperGeek have been quietly testing Hamachi VPN over the last several weeks and so far, we are amazed at its usefulness. There will be a couple of different versions, a Premium and Basic versions. The main difference between them will be scalability. The basic will remain free as well. The premium looks to… Read More »

Age of Empires III Full Review

We here at SuperGeekBlog believe in doing due diligence in our reviews. So, in following that belief, we have spent many hours huddled over our keyboards “testing” AOE3. Here’s what we came up with. Install: Install of AOE3 went pretty smoothly. The one downside here is that if your PC isn’t at least twice the… Read More »

Google? Yahoo? Why choose.

Tired of the Google, Yahoo “I have more sites indexed” battle? Or simply use both to compare listing ranks? Well do I have a treat for you… It’s a site called Gahoo!Yoogle. As you can probably tell by the name ( and you will figure it out by the logo for sure) its a site… Read More »