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Ether launches tonight

TechCrunch announced the launch of “Super-Stealth” tonight. A service that allows the private consultant in us all to have a mode for charging for our phone time. Sounds like a pretty cool idea. As Ben points out in techcrunches comments, it’s been tried before with and oddly enough, some of the elements of… Read More »

Why Windows Vista Won’t Suck

Extreme Tech has an excellent post on the features of Vista and why they feel that Everyone will want to upgrade this time around. Or do they? We know we titled this piece “Why Windows Vista Won’t Suck” and that’s a big statement to make. To be honest, we don’t know that it’s going to… Read More »

Is Apple going to give up on OSX?

I normally do not agree with John C. Dvorak. However, in his latest article entitled “Will Apple Adopt Windows?” he argues that Apple will adopt windows and that Steve Jobs will make it acceptable.  I couldn’t agree more. At some point, I believe that Apple will find that the cost to develop new hardware and… Read More »

Portable Apps and USB Thumbdrives Continued..

Well I got really excited this evening when I saw that there is a portable thumbdrive version of OpenOffice 2.1. Ever since I picked up a couple 512mb thumbdrives on sale on Radioshack I’ve been looking for new applications and utilities to load them up with for service calls and portable computing when I’m away… Read More »

Microsoft SNARF Debuts

Social this, social that. These days, it seems like everyone is putting out some sort of tech tool with the word social attached to it. Doesn’t seem to matter whether it has anything to do with being social or society. It is officially the buzzword of Web 2.0. Microsoft released a Experimental tool called SNARF.… Read More »