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There has been quite a bit of discussion about Digg catching up to Slashdot. I think what people fail to see is that there are major differences in why people go to the other site. Some users no longer visit the Slashdot site-but it depends on what they are looking for. Digg is my first… Read More »

HP, the prefered server of pirates…

It’s sad when has more and better servers than (As of their last server upgrade). It’s rather apparent that the black market in software and media is still booming. Does anyone else wonder who hosts their setup? Apparently intellectual property rights enforcement is pretty lax in Sweden anyways. Oh and checkout that Anandtech… Read More »

Age of Empires III Full Review

We here at SuperGeekBlog believe in doing due diligence in our reviews. So, in following that belief, we have spent many hours huddled over our keyboards “testing” AOE3. Here’s what we came up with. Install: Install of AOE3 went pretty smoothly. The one downside here is that if your PC isn’t at least twice the… Read More »