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What is a writer?

In the past year I have started calling myself a writer. Am I one? Or more specifically why do I think I am one?  As far as using the title “writer,” I think it comes down to a conscious decision to actually write.  As a writer one should actually not only produce text for others… Read More »

Why I like Goodreads

You may have noticed the “G” logo on my social homes menu to the right.  That is the logo for Goodreads.  Some might be familiar with it, others might not be.  Goodreads is a site that is a social network, but specifically for books.  It can be used to track what you have read, what… Read More »

NaNoWriMo 2010

Ahhh NaNo.  A month and a half away and already starting to get excited and brainstorm a bit.  If the term “NaNo” (which is the short form of “NaNoWriMo”) doesn’t mean anything to you – it stands for National Novel Writing Month.   The site has a lot of information on what it is and a… Read More »

ASRock Mainboard contest

Over on Tom’s Hardware they have an interesting contest. We’d like for you to tell us what sorts of board features/capabilities are currently important to you and what’s on your wishlist for your next-generation build. Even if some of the features you want don’t exist yet, we’re sure that ASRock’s engineers would like to hear… Read More »

Paige’s Blog

Recently I welcomed a new Book Reviewer to the site.  I have already posted her first review.  Today I would like to plug her blog From the Midwest to the Mediterranean. There were a few reasons why she has started doing reviews here on Epic Plains.  The easiest one is because we both agreed it… Read More »