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Hey all – SGB has been kind of stagnant for a while. Well I am now doing some writing for a Hardware review site, so plugged back in to the tech scene a bit more than I have been for the last little while.

I recently did a full ground up build of a new machine and hope to have the article on it written shortly.  It has actually been a while since I have done a full build as opposed to upgrades, so had quite a bit of fun with it.  Jumped up a few generations of hardware to a quad-core processor and more.  Also, my first review is up on OCIA.net that I did. Head on over and check out the site. I have been editing the occasional article there but that is the first one I wrote. I have a couple of pieces of hardware coming in this week that I will also be reviewing. I will post links here when they go live.

I plan on doing a follow-up article on upgrades/tweaks to the build I did.  First thing I need to do is get an aftermarket cooler as I plan to Overclock the machine a bit.  (Writing for Overclock Intelligence Agency is more of a coincidence in this case, overclocking because one can is fun.)

So stay tuned!

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Fireschool 2009

Well if you have been wondering where I have been lately – head on over to Olorinpc.com to see my post about fireschool.

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Launch Mult Apps at once

From Lifehacker this morning comes a pretty neat util.  It seems to work rather well.

Basically it allows you to set multiple apps to launch at once.  One idea that is mentioned is if you normally run a set of programs to cleaning files up etc.  I more see a use in terms of removing autostart programs and resetting them to a manual launch after boot.  (ie – launch IM, email, web.)  Doing that would improve boot time significantly if there are a lot of things that you tend to have come up on boot.  This way if you were in a hurry… you could be more selective and efficient.

Check out Utility Launcher here.

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The Tiny DV Camera Recorder

From Boing Boing this morning: The Tiny DV Camera Recorder.

From the sellers site:


  • The Tiny DV Camera Recorder
  • Thumb size alloy housing
  • Manually and sound activated recording
  • Web camera for online video chat
  • Support AVI video format
  • Low illumination, high resolution image with 2000K pixels
  • High speed recording and quick light response
  • 30 frames per second for 640*480 video output
  • Built-in Li rechargeable battery lasting for 2 hours
  • Provide 2G Micro SD card and Support up to 8G memory card
  • Easy operation with LED indicator
  • Support USB 2.0
  • Flexible installation with clip and bracket
  • Support JPEG picture format
  • Now I like the idea of something this small with all of those functions.  Keeps it small, out of the way, and not so noticable.  One thing I would wonder about though would be durability in the field.  At $147 it isn’t too bad on the cost factor – but would it stand up to hard use?  Particular application I am thinking is for my fire department.  Now inside of a structure fire, wouldn’t anticipate that going so well, but what about wildland fire conditions?  Smoke, dirt, grit, and just the moving around might be hard on it. However, any “tough” DV camera I usually see tends to be at least twice the cost.  Oh well.

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    Clean your keyboard with goo!

    This stuff might be overkill… personally I use a can of compressed air and a damp cloth.  However, for some, this might be required: Cyber Clean!

    You take out the goo and mash it onto your keyboard.  The goo then apparently absorbs all the grime and crummies that have gotten in there.  It does look kind of neat – so might be worth trying out.

    So go check it out here and see what you think!  (Originally from TechEBlog.)

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    And we are back!

    Well as everyone has noticed, I took a little break from blogging here over the Christmas/New Years holiday period.  Part of it was traveling to see family and part of it was just taking a nice break to work on offline projects.  (Along with starting my new (well old) hobby.

    You see, here at Supergeekblog I stay pretty focused on tech stuff.  Be that gadgets, tech news, scifi, etc.  Well I also have what I consider an “old school” geek blog that is rather niche. Modeltrainrookie.com is another blog I run – and over the break I was working on that hobby.  (Model trains.)  It is a hobby I was really into as a kid with my Dad.  Well around 12-13 years ago water got into my parents basement and we had to tear the whole thing down… and it just never got reset up.  Well for Christmas my Dad gave me all of the old train stuff.  (We had quite a lot!)  Now that I have my own house, made for quite the fun project over the holiday.

    Feel free to head on over to that site and check out my progress there.  I am attempting to document my progress on that blog.  So far it is a blast and I am managing to keep up with the pictures and posts.

    Posts to check out:

    Märklin Setup in progress

    Wiring now possible!

    I hope everyone else had a great holiday.  Welcome back to SGB for the new year!

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    A Star Trek Loss

    Majel Barrett Roddenberry passed away this morning according to Roddenberry.com.  Head on over and see the announcement there.

    It is a sad day for trekkers everywhere.  Condolences to her family, friends, and fans.  There is a place to leave notes and thoughts in their forums.

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    GPS Homing Device Leads You Back To Where You Started

    Via Gear Live – This just plain looks neat and very simple.

    This is the simplest portable GPS locating device available, ideal for finding your car after shopping, returning to a favorite spot on the beach, or returning to camp. Simply push a button to mark your current location and the device points the way back.

    That is all there really is to it.  I can certainly see applications for this either in bigger cities or those folks to tend to loose their car.  Though at $79.95, it is a bit spendy unless you really think you need it.  Then it could be priceless.  (Think cost of wandering around the parking garage in terms of $$ per hour 😉 )

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    Spy Coins Can Be Used to Store Tiny Memory Cards

    Via TechEBlog:

    These tiny coins that look like quarters can be used to hold the small microSD cards.  They can be picked up from ThinkGeek.

    While it sounds like a neat idea… I can tell you this.  IF I had one, I am pretty sure my microSD card would have a much greater chance of getting lost.  It just would.

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    Stop, Drop, and Blog – HP Contest

    First, let me say, if you haven’t heard about the HP Magic Giveaway contest yet… go look at it! HP is having 50 different bloggers around the world give away $6,000 worth of computer equipment. It is a pretty cool (and fun) contest. I have entered a few of the contests, though haven’t won yet. (We can all hope right?)

    Really the best part of this contest for me has been discovering some new blogs. This has been probably my favorite discovery so far. As you will see by the name, and looking through the site, they are a “fire family.” The husband (called FireDad on the site) is a 26 year old career firefighter. The wife (aka FireMom) is a 27 year old freelance writer and mother of 2. So seeing similar ages, interests, blogging, and loving all things department related, perked my interest to the site right away.

    They are starting their contest today: Stop, Drop, and Blog. Here is the post for the HP contest. (Each site has their own rules, so make sure to read the contest rules before commenting.)

    Disclamer: this post counts as an additional entry to the contest… but I also thought it would be fun to share how winning (if chance likes me) would impact my family, friends, and readers.

    First, I would replace our aging family laptop, but more importantly I would give one to my wife so she can finally have her own computer. (Neither is in the Christmas budget this year.)

    Secondly, I would see if anything would be of use to my (fire) dept. – I am guessing the photosmart the guys would have a lot of fun with and actually use productively. (Well sometimes.)

    Last, I would share online as well by having a contest of my own on supergeekblog.com – not only would it be a blast, bring a lot of new readers, but someone I don’t even know would have a better holiday season as well.

    So winning would have a positive, lasting, impact on myself and others. I encourage everyone to head on over and check out the Stop, Drop, and Blog site. It is a blast 🙂

    Cross Post from Olorinpc.com

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