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Run quadcore Intel chips in Apple Mac Pro

There were some big announcements out of Apple yesterday.  New iPods, new services, but the one that got missed was the Apple Mac Pro running dual core chips.  And further, says AnandTech, the ability to run Quad core chips.  Dual … Continue reading

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This install of Windows will self destruct in 30 days

Ed Bott at ZDNet is reporting that Microsoft will soon make installation of WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) mandatory. Not only will it become a mandatory install, if WGA isn’t installed within 30 days, the install of Windows will cease to … Continue reading

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Apple Console Rebuttal

A reader has commented on our speculation about “Apple’s Next Move” as possibly producing a console system. I found this an intriquing line of discussion and thought I’d bring it up again with my comments and responses to the readers … Continue reading

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Video Ipod? Hell No!

If I see one more article speculating on Apple’s next announcement being a video iPod I’m going to scream. The media speculated that the nano and the rockr announcements were going to be announcements for a video iPod. I remember … Continue reading

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