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Why Build a PC?

In the next few days I will be doing a 4 part series on my build of a budget PC.  Before doing that though, I wanted to go a little more in depth on why I built my own as … Continue reading

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Cool down that computer

Over on Lifehacker they had a nice post yesterday on “How to Prevent your Computer from overheating.” I like this post because it is geared for the average user.  Tech guys, IT Pros, etc generally know about heat issues and … Continue reading

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Tweaking your desktop

There are various ways to tweak your desktop.  Some more invasive and complicated than others.  Today I will start with the quick and simple ones, then get to the more complicated ones. The first and easiest is to automate your … Continue reading

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Sick of Googling for people? Try this!

Ok Jackson over at LifeHacker did a post on this, and it is just too good to pass up.  I know many (and I mean many) of us get request all of the time.  We pop over to google, do … Continue reading

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