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From Windows Vista to Windows 7 and Back

My home desktop is several years old.  I don’t game much, so keeping up with the latest and greatest isn’t really on my list of things to do.  If you’re a gamer, you want the latest and greatest because it gives you a richer experience.  And it gives you an edge over the competition; if… Read More »

Microsoft sued over WGA

On the heels of the uproar over Self-Destructing Windows installs, a lawsuit was filed in US District court(seattle) this week.  The lawsuit calls Microsoft’s WGA a spyware. The suit by Los Angeles resident Brian Johnson, filed this week in U.S. District Court in Seattle, seeks class-action status for claims that Microsoft didn’t adequately disclose details… Read More »

This install of Windows will self destruct in 30 days

Ed Bott at ZDNet is reporting that Microsoft will soon make installation of WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) mandatory. Not only will it become a mandatory install, if WGA isn’t installed within 30 days, the install of Windows will cease to operate. If WGA becomes mandatory, would it mean that Microsoft could prevent Windows from working… Read More »

Microsoft Admits Malware Becoming Incurable

In another bold and somewhat obvious statement a spokesman for Microsoft suggested that business’ should consider investing in an automated system to wipe and reinstall Windows on machines as much of the malware coming out is considered incurable by MS. Perhaps Microsoft should invest some money in better securing its operating system and spend less… Read More »

Steve Ballmer Suggests Microsoft May Go After Linux for Patent Infringement…

…and then proceeds to throw a chair, run around the room screaming like a gorilla, and chant like a cultist. But seriously. In an interview with Forbes Steve Ballmer suggested that Microsoft may intend to start enforcing its patents against Linux. He goes on to suggest, however, that Linux is not the threat they once… Read More »

Apple Console Rebuttal

A reader has commented on our speculation about “Apple’s Next Move” as possibly producing a console system. I found this an intriquing line of discussion and thought I’d bring it up again with my comments and responses to the readers comment. See the original article here. 1. Christian Koster says: Look, Apple is not entering… Read More »