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In the dog house

Along the line of Ede’s doggy court, Sparky was busted, evidence collected, and sentenced. Today’s criminal, one Mr. Sparky Barnard, was caught red-handed. Exhibit A) Unfortunately this was discovered as merely a cover story for the larger crime.  Committed in secret upstairs.  Right next to the location of a previous infraction! Exhibit B) As we… Read More »

Guest Posting

This week I will be having a guest poster here on Olorinpc.com.  ThatEdeGuy and I are doing a post exchange.  I just finished writing my post for his site, so make sure to check out ThatEdeGuy.com tomorrow!  Keep an eye out this week for Ede’s post here! [tags]olorinpc, thatedeguy, guest post[/tags]

Ede Returns

Quite a few of my readers also know ThatEdeGuy. (If you don’t, check out his blog sometime. You will find it well written and informative.) Ede certainly had an interesting weekend.  He, his wife, and the little guy, left for L.A. to partake in his brothers wedding.  This also happens to be right in the… Read More »