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7 Cool Voice Changer apps for Android and iOS

Sometimes you just want to have fun or make fun of your friends by changing your voice, especially when you get a new phone number. Well, we all tried it at some point in our lives, and it really was not a huge success. And the simple reason for this, obviously, is that we lack voice modulation skills. But don’t worry, we are here to help, and you will soon get to know some of the best voice changer apps so you can play your friends and make them laugh.

Well, there are many voice changer apps on the Play Store and App Store, so trying them all to find the perfect one can be troublesome. We tested the apps for you, and here is a list of the 7 best voice changer apps for Android and iOS:

Voice Changer apps are super fun

Note: We do not advocate prank or encourage bullying. All of these voice changer apps should be used in good faith for fun and to laugh among peers.

Voice Changer with effects

If you’re looking for a full-featured and functional voice changer app that lets you choose between Batman and Darth Vader, then Voice Change with Effects is what you were looking for. You can simply record a phrase or sentence, and then select the effect that you want to apply to it. Not only that, you can even import pre-recorded sound and create a voice using text, which can come in handy.

This voice changer app includes about 40 different voice effects, from baby or devil to singing chipmunks or drunkards, and I love the variety. However, you can watch video ads or get a free version of the app to unlock 5 new voice effects. Modulated recordings can be directly transferred to WhatsApp and Facebook – maybe with an image to cause laughter.

Voice changer plus

If you’re looking for a similar alternative for iOS devices, then Voice Changer is probably one of the best options. This voice changer app has a clean and easy to use interface with access to many different sound effects, such as echo, robot, mosquito, and my favorite, Bane, Yes, the villain in the mask of the dark knight, you can look like him, using Voice Changer Plus.

That is not all though. You can import your local audio recordings, change their sound and share them with your friends. However, the highlight of this application is that you can trim recorded clips to make them crisper and funnier, but this feature requires you to $ 1.99 for the full version. It will also allow you to make ringtones and add photos or videos to your modulated audio.

Android Rock’s Voice Changer

Well, this voice changer application from the Android Rock developer can shake the old user interface and fill with ads, but you can endure all this because of the many voice effects (45+) that are available here. You can change your voice to the voice of a robot, Martian, giant, as well as under water and under the influence of helium. You can simply record audio, listen to various effects, and then save or share the ones you like.

The differentiating factor of this voice changer application should be combo sound effects like robot + duck or robot + speed up the sentence here. Some of these combinations are blocked, but you can check them by watching the video ad, which is certainly justified, and you do not need to spend money on the Pro version.

Celebrity Voice Changer

Since videos are currently more popular than text and sound media, there is a good chance that you are looking for a voice changer application that has functions for recording video with sound effects. Well, the Celebrity Voice Changer app lets you just do it. You can record your videos in the voice of Obama, Trump, Hulk Hogan, Stephen Hawking and many others and watch videos recorded by others.

This is one of the best voice changer apps I’ve come across lately, but there are a number of limitations. The application is available only on iOS, not all voice effects are unlocked, and require a hefty (as a matter of fact) Subscription. However, the most annoying of all should be limited usability. You can use the application once every minute when you have not received a subscription.


Like other popular voice changer apps, VoiceFX also offers you some of the most popular sound effects such as chipmunks, robots, monsters, drunken and others to keep your experience safe. The application has no frills and extends a minimalistic interface for users, with a single screen that contains both recording and effects; you can either record your voice or upload music to a layer with sound effects.

VoiceFX, however, should have live playback and voice streaming options (available in any browser via a URL), which allows users to hear how the effect will affect the recording. You can seamlessly switch between all the effects to see the magic that can be improved by unlocking more effects for $ 2.99.

Voice Changer Calls Recor-er

Walking ahead of voice changer effects, you can search for apps that also add background sound effects to audio recordings. The Voice Changer Call Record-er app allows you to do both. You can not only apply sound effects to a ghost, a robot, a boy and much more to your voice, but also add “scene effects” to it, such as snoring, drops of water and showers.

The application interface is pretty easy to use, and it even offers trim tools for editing recorded audio clips on the fly, which is a good addition. However, the main feature should be the ability to add custom effects to the application, which can help you further, increase your level of prankish.

Super Voice

Are you the biggest superhero fan? Or are you watching a lot of animated films? Would you like to sound like one of your favorite characters? Then Super Voice is an application that should satisfy your cravings. It allows you to record yourself as Avengers, Marions, Minions, Baby Groot, Optimus Prime and other popular animated characters.

Despite the fact that the application is loaded with ads, which is sometimes annoying, and most of the time the voice sounds a little robotic, this is certainly a pleasant experience. You can send all your messages with the rude voice of Bruce Wayne or the timid voice of Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls.

BONUS: Snapchat

Well, do not be surprised. Snapchat not only spawned the “Stories” concept, which has now become Instagram’s bread and butter, but has also led to a trend for face filters. You can wear dog ears, princess tiaras and much more on yourself, but did you know that the application also has changer filters?

Yes, you can scroll through the number of face filters to find a changer filter that is small and far apart, or record a video, and then choose between a chipmunk, a bear, a robot and alien voices.

Final Word

If you were looking for your new favorite past, you now have a list of the best voice changer apps that should take you some time. It will be fun to play with voice effects, I can tell you for sure, but ads and a non-intuitive interface will be disabled. Which voice changer app looks useful to you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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